Here’s How You Can Take Care of Your Children’s Dental Health

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Our children are our most valuable assets and their well-being should be our priority. Health is undoubtedly something that cannot be compared with anything else. When we talk about our children’s health we must keep into consideration their oral health as well. Children are very much attracted to sweets and candies for obvious reasons. While we should limit their intake, we should also take extra good care of their oral health.

Having good oral hygiene is something that should be taught at a very young age of a child. When you make your child brush daily from childhood, it becomes a habit and later on a routine for them. Likewise, when you teach them about other measures, they keep them with themselves throughout their life. As far as dental health goes, it isn’t just related to brushing but many other things as well. In this blog, we’ll brief you about a few things you should follow to ensure better dental health for your children,

If you have reluctant brushers in the family, mostly children, you are bound to be concerned and protect your baby’s teeth by following these tips:

Brushing and Flossing : 

There may be a hundred tips for keeping the dental health of your child perfect but it all starts with the habit that you must build in your children.  A habit that will stay with them forever – Brushing and Flossing. This should start when your baby is 1 or 2 years old only. You should choose a baby toothpaste that has low fluoride content so that it is safe for your baby to swallow it. Once your baby is a little older they should be able to spit out the toothpaste.

Teach Them The Right Way Of Brushing :

Just brushing isn’t enough for the good oral health of your children. You must teach them how to brush correctly for which you can take help from your family dentist. Teach your children to brush their teeth along with their gums and tongue. Use a small-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush for them till they turn seven or eight years old when they can finally use a normal brush. Make sure to change their toothbrush every three to six months or when the bristles are worn down.

The Role Of Fluoride:

Like in adults, fluoride is very important in children as well as it protects their teeth against cavities and helps them to have strong enamel. Many countries have water that contains fluoride and they have water filters that don’t remove fluoride from the water. However, the children of other places are advised to take oral fluoride. It helps children and adults strengthen teeth and resistance to dental decay. But make sure to take the fluoride in the prescribed quantity only as too much of it can spoil your health.

Checking Cavities On Time : 

Cavities are the tiny holes formed in the teeth.  These can occur when bacteria (germs) build up in your mouth. Sugar in food and drinks turns into an acid, which can eat away your teeth. However, it doesn’t happen overnight but takes months and sometimes years. You can limit it during this time provided that you know about it. When it comes to children, there are a few things you should take care of.  Here’s a few of them –

  • Check if your kids have white spots or brown areas on their teeth.
  • Children who had low birth weight.
  • Take your children to visit the dentist regularly.

Diet Preferences :

Diet plays an important role when it comes to children’s oral health. They are attracted to sugary foods that are surely not a good thing for their overall health including their dental health. Do not encourage your child to have a lot of fizzy drinks, fruit juice, or sweetened drinks. Do not let them have sweet snacks and juices between meals. 

Though their baby teeth will fall off anyways and the second set of teeth will grow but the habits they’ll get will remain with them forever. That is why it is highly recommended that you should teach your children about good habits at a very early age. That’s a worthy investment.

Prof. Shakeel Shahdad

Shakeel is one of the leading dentists in london, Consultant and Honorary Clinical Professor at The Royal London Dental Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust and Queen Mary University of London. Shakeel specialises in treating patients requiring complex and advanced restorative treatment including surgical placement and restoration with dental implants.

Posted On : March 28, 2022




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