Various Types Of Braces You Need To Know!

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We have all had to adapt our lifestyle during the COVID 19 pandemic. Family catch up’s online, working from home with virtual and online meetings, has resulted in us seeing ourselves more on the PC screen and noticing some facial imperfections such as crooked teeth, facial disharmony, and asymmetries. Some studies have found that patients with a nice smile and straight teeth are more successful in life and in their careers. 

So why not look into options on how to get your teeth straightened and correct any facial imperfections. There are lots of different types of braces on the market.

In this blog, we’ll throw light on the different types of braces so that next time someone shows you his/her braces, you’ll be able to identify the type.

1. Traditional Metal Braces

These are the braces you must have seen in the past. While there has been enormous development in every sector, there has been progressing in this too. These braces are now flattering profile – therefore more comfortable and less bulky as compared to how they used to be. Made from high-grade stainless steel, they have metal brackets attached to each tooth with the help of a special type of cement. The brackets present there to connect to each other with the help of a thin archwire putting pressure on the teeth and making them move slowly to the correct required position.

2. Ceramic Braces

These braces also work like the traditional ones but what makes them different is the property of their brackets are tooth-coloured. These types of braces are considered by the people who don’t want people to notice that they are wearing braces. This is the reason that these braces have become very popular. However, sometimes the brace attachments such as elastics discolour, but tooth coloured self ligating brackets help to avoid staining. . That’s the only bad thing about these braces otherwise they are highly preferred by everyone.

3. Self-litigating Braces

These braces have become the new favorite of the young generation as one doesn’t need to visit the dentist a lot of times. It also provides a gentler treatment as compared to the other types that is the reason that it is preferred by a lot of people in the market. These braces use a slide mechanism unlike others which mainly use elastics to connect the arch wires. Unlike many other brackets they have a specific prescription to each tooth therefore, reducing the need for many adjustments. These types of braces have gained a good popularity in the recent past.

4. Clear aligners:

These orthodontic appliances are used in place of metal or self-ligating braces. This process is a little different from the usual ones as it involves a range of clear plastic aligners that resemble mouth guards. The best thing about these guards is that they are custom designed for a person which helps him stay at comfort and get fixed at the same time. One can remove them for eating and cleaning. These can be changed after a regular period of time.

These were some of the major types of braces which we see in our daily lives. There are some other types as well but they are not as common as them. Remember, before going for any kind of braces, consult a good doctor and try knowing the pros and cons of every type and then choose what suits you the best.

Posted On : February 14, 2022




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