Dental Implants in London (Harley Street)

Missing teeth?

Complete your smile with our bespoke crafted dental implants by our elite specialist implant team, at our dental implant clinic in London


The SDS Guarantee

We guarantee you will be able to have a problem-free experience with your implant. We offer up to 5 years guarantee on our implants*.

Meet our Elite Dental Implant Specialist Team

Prof. Shakeel Shahdad
Clinical Lead for Implants at SDS

With over 25 years of experience delivering implant solutions as a Restorative Consultant and a Trainer. However challenging or complex your unique situation seems, our teams of implant specialists in London are here to find a predictable and long-lasting solution for you.

Honorary Professor of in Oral Rehabilitation & Implant Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London Restorative Consultant in Restorative Dentistry & Implant Clinical Lead at Royal London Dental Hospital Clinical Lead for Restorative Dentistry

Chairman, ITI Scholarship Centre at QMUL Former chairman of the International Team for Implantology UK & Ireland. Fellow of ITI

Your Surgical Team

Prof. Paul Coulthard

Consultant Oral Surgeon

Dr. Isabella Rocchietta

Specialist in Periodontology

Mr. Stephen Dover

Oral & Maxillofacial Consultant

Your Prosthetic Team

Dr. Michael Myint

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr. Charlotte Stillwell

Specialist Prosthodontist

Dr. Amre Maglad

Restorative Consultant

Experienced Expertise

Our dentists are specialists and are trained to craft long-lasting implants, led by Professor Shakeel Shahdad, one of the leading implant dentists in the UK.


How We Craft Your Dental Implants?

High-tech precision

We use the latest level of technology and care to craft your implants in our London clinic. From comprehensive planning with 3D bone scans to digitally designing your new dental implants. We mill your new implant tooth with proven materials ensuring you can eat and smile without limitations.

Science-led care

To ensure we can achieve the best results, we only use implants from recognised manufacturers with extensive international research and proven clinical track record. At SDS, we mainly use Straumann Tissue Level implants designed to reduce the risk of gum disease.

How Can We Help You?

  • Whether you are missing all your teeth or just one, we can provide solutions for even the most challenging situation. We provide the best dental implants in London.
  • If you have run into difficulties with your existing implants, our team will address them, regardless of implant manufacturers.
  • Whether you require conscious sedation or general anaesthesia, Dr Kamran Ahmed, our Consultant Anaesthetist is available to ensure your experience is more than comfortable.

Our Dental Implants Cost Structure


Dental Implant Surgery
from £2,082

Single Implant Crown Including Implant Surgery, Abutment and Crown.
from £3,981

Full Arch Implant Bridge (per arch)
from £17,510

Frequently Asked Questions

During your initial consultation visit, our consultants would examine you and listen to your concerns as well as take any x-rays as required. They would then discuss the issues, treatment options available to your individual needs, and answer any questions you may have.

They will use visual aids to help discuss certain treatment options to ensure you are clear about their explanations. Once your consultation is completed we will then send you (or your dentist if you have been referred to SDS and copied to you) a detailed report, outlining everything that was discussed during the consultation.

You will also receive a treatment quotation itemising all costs involved. Here at SDS dental implant clinic, we prefer to quote our patients for ‘worse case scenario’ so that there are no hidden costs and surprises further down the line
We have found that more and more patients are asking about implants as a solution for replacing their missing tooth/ teeth as an alternative to dentures and bridges. Whilst having a fully functioning tooth is extremely important, we have found that some patients are now emphasising increasingly towards the overall cosmetic look and demand that the implant teeth look “very natural”. This aspect is also important to us, and we have mastered the techniques necessary to achieve ideal results.
Dental implants are small metal screws that are placed in the jaw in place of a missing tooth. Once established, crowns, bridges and dentures can be fixed onto the implants, creating a natural-looking and stable restoration.
Dental implants need 4-10 weeks to heal and fully integrate with your natural bone. The time period mentioned is a guide but can vary depending on individual cases.

Once healed, the dental implant will then act as a solid foundation to place fixed crowns, bridges or aid with removable dentures. (2)

Most implants are placed under a local anaesthetic, but can also be placed under sedation, intravenous of inhalation (gas and air), if you request.
Restore your smile by replacing missing teeth.

A long-lasting solution.

No more loose dentures.

Eat whatever you like without fear.
At SDS our dental implants costs from £3906 for a single implant. With this we offer 5 years guarantee on your dental implant and a 3 year guarantee on the implant crown or bridge.
At SDS replacing a full mouth with dental implants can cost from £15,500 per jaw. This would include your 3D CT bone scan, digital planning, the implants, a temporary bridge and the final bridge too.
It requires life-long maintenance, but so do your own natural teeth.
In the long term – there is no pain. With regards to the procedure, our team will numb the area to ensure your procedure is pain-free. Some of our patients report discomfort on average for 3-7 days after the procedure. Nevertheless, upon taking some painkillers, they find themselves comfortable.
The implant screw can last for a lifetime. The prosthesis on the implant can go through wear and tear as it ages but on average there is good long term research to show a lifeline of over 10 years
There are lots of factors which contribute to whether dental implant treatment is appropriate. We would consider things such as the volume of bone available, to the effects of your medical conditions for example. Nevertheless, it is worth finding out with you at an implant consultation to answer this question that is bespoke to you.
Replacing a single back molar may take as little as one and a half months. Replacing a front tooth can take 6 months. It is all dependent on the complexity of your situation and possibly whether you need any bone grafting. The time it takes for the dental implant and bone graft to heal will dictate how long it takes. At the implant consultation, we will be able to give you a more specific answer for you.
First of all, relax and watch some Netflix. Rest is such an important part of the recovery. We will ask you to be gentle around the site and bathe frequently with the mouthwash we provide with your homecare package. We advise to avoid rinsing but to gently rotate your head to get a similar bathing effect. It is important after the first week to start using a soft brush to clean your teeth closer to the surgical site. To help reduce the inflammation and any possible discomfort, we would advise a strict regime with painkillers and antibiotics.
A full mouth reconstruction is where we are replacing all your upper or lower teeth (possibly even both jaws) with multiple implants and a bridge of teeth.
Of course, dental implants aren’t your natural teeth. But they are pretty close. They are fixed in and with time will feel like a real tooth.



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