Paediatric Dentistry - Child Dentistry

Our Paediatric Dentist in London, Dr Sarah Shah treats patients from birth until 15 years of age

Careful Approach To Children's Dentistry

Children's dentistry requires a sensitive approach. At the first consultation appointment we like to take the opportunity to introduce your child to the clinical setting before the dental examination takes place. We will normally ask you to sit with your child so to reduce any possible anxiety the child may be experiencing.

The consultation usually lasts up to 1 hour. Normally, treatment is not carried out during the consultation, as we do not wish to cause any unnecessary anxiety to your child. However, an examination and possible x-rays, if clinically required, will be undertaken in our clinic in London. Sarah, our child dentist in London, will also follow this appointment up with a full clinical report to you as well as a breakdown of costs.

Children require a different approach to their dental treatment including the need for sedation (given their age, medical background, coping abilities and pre-cooperative stages of development). Therefore, Sarah needs to determine the best way of delivering treatment in a “friendly” way for your child’s age. Some children will only require a caring approach and familiarisation to the dental setting, whereas others will require mild sedation or a general anaesthetic. If Sarah does not feel your child is able to cope with treatment, even under sedation then she will recommend general anaesthesia as an alternative, which will be carried out in hospital.

If you require any further information about Sarah or would like to arrange an appointment, please contact us on 0207 580 4200 or alternatively you are welcome to use our online enquiry form or email for advice.

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