How does it work?

It works through a combination of local anaesthetic and a series of small injections which immediately fill the deep lines and wrinkles of the face, which can take between 30-45 minutes to complete per session.

While some results may be more immediate than others, the true results become more apparent after a few weeks with subsequent visits. A gradual increase in volume will become apparent as the dermal fillers thickness expands and gives you a fuller, more youthful and fresh faced appearance. When used in the mid part of the face, this gives a lift to the lower face and sharpens the jaw-neck angle.

You will be normally required to have between 1-2 treatment sessions to ensure that the treatment is successful. Once the initial sessions have been completed and you have had a review, the treatment is expected to last approximately up to 2 years. However, top-up sessions may be required to maintain your new look.

What happens after treatment?

As mentioned above there may be an immediate result following injection of the fluid containing the sculptra material which is temporary but gives an indication of likely longer term outcome.

However, over the coming weeks (and perhaps after more sessions) the results will become more apparent and noticeable. This is due to your body making and laying down new collagen and providing natural volume to enhance your facial soft tissues.

We recommend that you massage the treated area for ten minutes twice daily for two weeks after treatment and then five minutes twice daily for a further two weeks after treatment. We also request that you avoid excessive sun or UV exposure. We will advise you regarding the specifics of your aftercare.

What are the side effects?

There may be some temporary redness, swelling or slight itching at the site. If this occurs, you can apply an ice pack and this should disappear within a few hours. In some rare cases this can last for longer and even up to 2 weeks.

Any risks that could occur will be fully discussed with you prior to any treatment being carried out. If you are concerned at any stage, please contact 0207 580 4200 for more advice.

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